Revenue Management
Our revenue management department will research and analyze every aspect of hotel
operations in order to determine the most profitable way of reaching optimal revenue goals.
This includes focusing on the following:
Market Trends And Price Analysis - We will determine demand trends and pricing
modifications that result in achieving maximum room revenue using sophisticated
reporting tools.
Market / Business Mix - Understanding and recognizing the need to establish an
accurate mix of business in any market is the key to optimizing a hotel’s revenue
potential. Our team of experts will determine the most efficient and profitable
business mix for each hotel.
Pricing Strategy/Optimization – Using our successful restriction strategies and our
comprehensive knowledge in pricing, we will identify pricing and revenue
opportunities that will allow for greater flow through and maximum profitability.
E-Commerce Visibility/Strategy and Positioning -We will establish solid long term
relationships with numerous market managers. We will develop and enhance
marketing strategies, marketing packages, and promotions for specific target markets.
This plan enables maximum exposure.
We will leverage Urgo Hotels’ existing relationships with travel agents to maximize
demand capture in the GDS arena (Global Distribution Services).
With all of the above being supported by extensive research and analysis and high-level reporting
tools plus a combined experience of more than 30 years in revenue management, sales and
marketing, operations and hotel development, your hotel is just a step away from reaching it’s
maximum revenue potential.
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